Thursday, November 29, 2012

What's Been Missing

So a couple of things have happened in the last few months - I got a degree and I let this blog slip completely! Covers were still rolling, but this blog wasn't. I just didn't have the time. So here's all the work from that time, I think this is everything that's been missing. Hopefully. Sorry if I missed something of yours, if you send me an email and remind me I'll be sure to include it. Rather than trying to link to individual stories, here are the author pages of those included. You should find links to the stories there, as well as other erotic books to interest you.

Alana Rose (couldn't find author page)
Aurora Dupree
B.B. Roman
Bella Bentley
Ellie Sax
Elvira Meriwether
Leandra J. Piper
Mara Stone
Stella Hayne
Simone Noelle
Vivian Nocturne

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